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Dialing Instructions


     1.Simply find your YouTelo One-Click Number in your mobile phone.
     2.Press TALK/SEND, and your call will be instantly connected!

Notice: Your One-Click Number may be dialed directly from your mobile device's contacts or set up as a Speed-Dial on a landline. (One-Click functions will vary slightly depending on your mobile service provider)

To set up your YouTelo One-Click feature, simply add your international numbers to your YouTelo Contacts or call YouTelo's 24 Hour Customer Support at 1-855-YOU-TELO (1-855-968-8356)

You may register and use up to 20 One-Click numbers!

Standard PIN-Less DIALING
     Step 1: Dial Access Number (either local or toll free)
     Step 2: Dial 011 + country code + area code+ phone number + # key

If using a Toll-Free Access Number (1.888.701.6383) an additional 2 cents per minute will apply.

You must confirm with your telephone provider to make sure that the Local Access Number you dial is LOCAL to your phone service. Meaning, you don’t have to pay Long Distant charge.
Do not press TALK/SEND after dialing phone numbers when using cell phones. When you press "TALK/SEND" after dialing the destination number, you will put YouTelo on hold and connect to your destination number via your mobile service provider. This could become very expensive since most international rates from a mobile phone are very high.

Calling Rates

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