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  1. Top-Up allows you to add minutes to prepaid mobile phones in the US and worldwide!
  2. Top-Up prepaid mobile phones in over 75 countries and on 230 mobile operators around the world, 
  3. Unfortunately, once a Top-Up is sent, there is no way to reverse the transaction. To avoid this problem, we ask that you enter the Top-Up number twice before payment.
  4. Within 10 minutes.
  5. Please contact YouTelo Customer Support at 1-855-YOU-TELO immediately.
  6. Yes, from time to time the cell phone operators will give out promotions directly to the recipient’s cell phones. The promotions are run by the cell phone operators but we update the current promotions in our blog daily!
  7. You will need to contact the cell phone operator directly. YouTelo Customer Support can attempt to contact the cell phone operator on your behalf, but we cannot guarantee their response.
  8. This represents part of the charges which we must pay for regulatory recovery and servicing fee.
  9. In all countries the local sales tax must be paid where the product is consumed, just as if you bought the recharge from a store in that country.
  10. Upload or email a picture of the front of your credit/debit card.

  11. This ensures that you are the actual credit card holder. This is a quick, one-time process that can be completed within 15 minutes, 24/7.
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